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Case studies, trends and opportunities

We study what works for other entrepreneurs, new trends and emerging industries. We’ve found this is one of the most effective ways to find realistic, profitable business ideas.

The idea isn’t to clone existing products or businesses but rather adapt the business model by either improving on it or pivoting to another vertical, industry, or market.

We present an overview of the business idea and/or industry and provide realistic opportunities you can take advantage of whilst also looking at brands currently operating in the space and how you can improve on their business models.

None of the ideas are meant to be ground-breaking or revolutionary but rather grounded & with a little out-of-the-box thinking.

Start your business today

Cut through all the noise and join us as we deep dive into business models, industries and/or opportunities and provide realistic business ideas you can start today


We want to help you start a business or a side hustle. Every week, we provide deep dives into business opportunities you can realistically take advantage of.


We break down and simplify existing business models, emerging markets and present opportunities and tools you can utilise to start a business.

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